Business field

  • 3dcamera

    Developing 3D TOF cam scanner

    3D handy camera technology
    3D scanner technology
    Light source alteration technology
    2D/3D reconstruction technology

  • developing

    Integrating the image editing & sharing system

    Developing video channel and iOS / Android
    Planning to develop our own cloud technology

  • Manufacturing / developing action cam

    Compact Wi-Fi wearable device
    Implementation of camera function
    Managing our own online mall

Our Brands



IoT camera brand


3D contents brand

3D Mania

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AI AR Kiosk System


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A smart cam with Android OS!
Enjoy your live streaming quick and easy.


Easy control on exclusive apps

– Camera / smartphone apps
– Preview mode / gallery / editor
– Facebook, YouTube and any other platform share
– Real-time broadcasting through its own server
– provides a multi-channel platform

Wide range of uses

– personal broadcasting
– IoT IP camera in industrial fields
– Leisure sports activities
– Various application / function expansion
according to other platforms


Real-Time Video Building Solution

Vue Streaming Engine supports a variety of platforms and video formats. It is a solution that enables faster and more convenient real time video transmission / reception.

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Remento 3D Studio

Keeping the most precious moment.
The only thing in the world.
My own figure.

Key Services

  • Prototyping / Mock up

  • Various characters
    & dioramas

  • 3D Modeling

  • 3D Scanning