The-S Corp. is a specialized optical technology company that researches and develops optical technology and manufactures related equipment.

Core Technology

  • Optical Technology
    Manufacturing optical devices

  • Emotional ICT Technology
    NUI / Developing virtual reality technology

  • Comprehensive Share Technology
    Establishing video channels / cloud services

Provided Services

Individual Development & OEM/ODM Solution Services

In addition to our standard product lines, we also offers cost-effective individual Development Services for hardware, firmware and software solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. The customer specific developments range from completely re-designed housing variants and multi-head cameras to sensor design-in’s and white-labelling. Our technical specialists provide every single imaging step as an individual service for your required product idea.

  • Camera solutions

    From circuit layout
    to single or multi-board designs
    Camera construction / equipping
    Camera module Solutions

  • 3D printer solutions

    Imaging and vision technology solutions
    Machine vision solutions

  • Video technology solutions

    Drone(UAV) solutions
    Aerial filming solutions
    Embedded systems for
    live streaming service

  • Device driver development

    Firmware programming
    USB3 vision, Linux, ARM, GigE vision
    Iris / face recognition technology

  • Intelligent camera solutions

    Internet of Things end-to-end solutions
    Smart home solutions
    Future security camera

  • Optical technology solutions

    Optronics Solutions
    Optoelectonic research VR
    high-end camera solutions


The company name THE-S stands for THREE Eyes System, which means ‘three eyes’,
The three eyes means our future vision technologies ㅡ optical technology, emotional technology and shared technology.



Core Value

Being passionate about our field of specialty based on trust and honesty is the core value that The-s Corp. will pursue.

  • Trustworthy

  • Honest

  • Eager

  • Specialist


2013 09 KISED 2nd start up program specially for researcher
2014 06 Venture business certification
09 Patented scanning system
09 Selected as a company to enter Daejeon Center for Creative Economy & Innovation
won a prize in the contest ‘SK – Dream Venture Star’ (10 companies)
11 The VUE on/off-line volume sales
2015 12 Attracting 300 million KRW in private investment
2016 05 NIPA K-global smart mobile
star company upbringing business
06 Opening ‘Remento 3D Studio’
2017 10 Smartcam for live broadcast
‘VUEcam’ 1st pilot production
2018 02 MOU with Daejeon Express Transit Corporation
04 Signed CGV MoU for Intelligent AR Kiosk
06 Built’Remento 3D Whole Body Scan Booth Solution’ at 3rd floor IR Center, Daejeon KAIST
07 Launched ‘VUEcam’ at Gwangju International IoT Robot Expo
08 IITP Technology and Future Insights
09 Introduced ‘VUEcam’ at MWC U.S.A
10 Introduced ‘VUEcam’ at Hong Kong Global Source Startup Launchpad
11 Introduced 3D Whole Body Scan Booth China High Tech Fair
12 Annual sales reached 900 million won
2019 1 Signed a contract with KT Consortium for Pangyo Smart City ‘High Precision Map Maintenance System’
02 Run the pilot operation of AR Kiosk ‘My Poster’ at CGV
03 A total of 1 billion won was allocated for the development of 5-year life safety contents by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security
04 run ‘Myposter’ pilot project at Temiorae