The-S Corp. is a specialized optical technology company that researches and develops optical technology and manufactures related equipment.

Core Technology

  • Optical Technology
    Manufacturing optical devices

  • Emotional ICT Technology
    NUI / Developing virtual reality technology

  • Comprehensive Share Technology
    Establishing video channels / cloud services

Provided Services

Individual Development & OEM/ODM Solution Services

In addition to our standard product lines, we also offers cost-effective individual Development Services for hardware, firmware and software solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. The customer specific developments range from completely re-designed housing variants and multi-head cameras to sensor design-in’s and white-labelling. Our technical specialists provide every single imaging step as an individual service for your required product idea.

  • Camera solutions

    From circuit layout
    to single or multi-board designs
    Camera construction / equipping
    Camera module Solutions

  • 3D printer solutions

    Imaging and vision technology solutions
    Machine vision solutions

  • Video technology solutions

    Drone(UAV) solutions
    Aerial filming solutions
    Embedded systems for
    live streaming service

  • Device driver development

    Firmware programming
    USB3 vision, Linux, ARM, GigE vision
    Iris / face recognition technology

  • Intelligent camera solutions

    Internet of Things end-to-end solutions
    Smart home solutions
    Future security camera

  • Optical technology solutions

    Optronics Solutions
    Optoelectonic research VR
    high-end camera solutions


The company name THE-S stands for THREE Eyes System, which means ‘three eyes’,
The three eyes means our future vision technologies ㅡ optical technology, emotional technology and shared technology.



Core Value

Being passionate about our field of specialty based on trust and honesty is the core value that The-s Corp. will pursue.

  • Trustworthy

  • Honest

  • Eager

  • Specialist


2013 09 KISED 2nd start up program specially for researcher
2014 06 Venture business certification
09 Patented scanning system
09 Selected as a company to enter Daejeon Center for Creative Economy & Innovation
won a prize in the contest ‘SK – Dream Venture Star’ (10 companies)
11 The VUE on/off-line volume sales
2015 12 Attracting 300 million KRW in private investment
2016 05 NIPA K-global smart mobile
star company upbringing business
06 Opening ‘Remento 3D Studio’
2017 10 Smartcam for live broadcast
‘VUEcam’ 1st pilot production
2018 02 MOU with Daejeon Express Transit Corporation